The Oral Design Philosphy

In the world of dentistry and dental aesthetics there are a number of skills, techniques and materials that involve both the patient and the technician. Fulfilling a dream of beautiful and equally functional teeth isn´t just about doing the job. It´s rather a matter of living a vision of restoring values to life. Dental aesthetics is more than making teeth. It´s about reestablishing shapes, colours, traits that once were part of a person´s identity, meaning bringing back integrity and self-esteem by taking into consideration not only the shape of a tooth but also skin, age, temper, hair, and other characteristics of the patient. All over the globe the Oral Design foundation share the skills and experience to help other people not only look but to feel better.

Oral Design International Symposium 2017

Will be held in Hollywood, on 13 - 16 September 2017.


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